The only way to take Kambo is the original way and in its original state.


Kambo is a possibility, a gift sent from the Amazon to experience a holistic and unique way of purification and empowering, of reset and stimulation.


And Kambo is a challenge, requiring will to undergo an unpleasant, but short process.


Kambo, the miraculous secretion from a frog of the jungle with the scientific name Phyllomedusa Bicolor or Giant Monkey Frog is collected and administered since millenniums by different indigenous tribes of the upper Amazon, as for example the Yawanawa in Brazil or the Matses in Peru. They see the Kambo frog as a powerful ancestor and collect his magic secretion sustainable, with respect and attention – and without harming the animal. 

Until this days Kambo is applied in the Amazon to preserve health and vitality, for clarity, connectedness and strength. Kambo has a radical, comprehensive effect at physical, psychic-emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is used by tribal people to increase their hunting skills because clarity and internal strength are experienced with Kambo. Moreover, it is a traditional medicine for malaria, fever, infections and snakebites. 

In last decades Kambo is used by the western world and academically investigated. The Kambo secretion contains a unique mixture of peptides (short chains of amino acids), some of them bioactive peptides with an affinity for binding with cell receptor sites in humans (a receptor is like a lock that, when opened with the right key, as the bioactive peptide is, triggers specific chemical reactions in the body). They lead the body to clean deposits in the cells, to refresh and strengthen their biological functions. Their numerous synergistic effects support the processes of adaptation and strengthen the immune system. Kambo is defined as a comprehensive cleaning, because it detoxes liver and bowel.


According studies, it is worth as one of the strongest natural substances in the world with anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and analgesic effect. Results point to many benefits for example to calm infections, to regulate blood pressure, depressions, states of anxiety, Candida, migraine, blood circulation problems, rheumatism, cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, Alzheimer, Parkinson, fertility problems and many more.

Psychically, emotionally and spiritually Kambo can help to overcome obstacles and to solve blockades. It clears the energy and helps to align, by supporting to break through negative habits and to think and live more naturally. His strong effect on the physical as on the subtle body raises the Kundalini, while balancing the Nadis and opening the Chakras. Kambo is a powerful connection with our waters. Immediate or short-term effects are a better mood, clarity, energy and raised resistance with stress, tiredness, hunger and thirst. A refreshment of artistic inspiration will often be experienced, by the sense restorative qualities of Kambo.

Kambo is an intensive and personal experience, an individual, mostly physical challenge and a meeting with oneself. Kambo is NOT hallucinogenic and is legal in the whole world. Administered by a well-qualified professional person the use of Kambo is safe for most people. Exceptions are mentioned as contraindications in the following.

Kambo belongs to the world heritage of numerous traditional and holistic methods of Health care and life support. Passionate and experienced Kambo practitioners and scientists from the modern, cosmopolitan world have further developed ways to work with Kambo, customized to western living conditions. Connections with the Meridians known by the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Auricular therapy and the Vedic Chakra system from India have particularly proved themselves.



Fasting for minimum 8 hours before taking Kambo is very important and a must. In 15 minutes, just before the application, 1,5 to 2 liters of water are ingested. Kambo can neither be taken orally nor brought directly into the bloodstreams. The only way to be taken is through the skin, from where it reaches directly the lymphatic system. Small points of the uppermost skin layer are bruised with a glowing stick and peeled off. There is no blood. On these entrances the Kambo secretion is applied in small globules. The number and the position of the points are individual chosen and different from person to person, according to individual needs.

The real treatment is intensive, but short. The unpleasant effects are strong and start immediately after the application, nevertheless, are over after approx. 20 to 40 minutes. Most people experience after the application a sort of warm or hot rush in the direction of the upper part of the body and the face, acceleration of the heartbeat and high blood pressure.


Then the reactions are different from person to person. Some feel dizzy, muzzy or kind of removed. After few minutes the blood pressure drops followed by strong feelings of sickness and a process of purge and cleansing. Released toxins are extracted from the body by vomiting (supported by the water drunk before), bowel movement and sweating. Lips and face can swell and the skin prickle. While Kambo circulates in the body and works where is needed, a drawing or burning can be perceived at these places for a short time. At emotional level blockades and ballast can free themselves. Then tiredness appears mostly and the need to lie down. After about 1 hour rest, all side effects have faded away and the person can drink and eat normally. After 24 hours and a good night’s sleep you will start to feel the real benefits. 

Kambo is not psychoactive and causes no hallucinations. Short extensions of awareness sometimes are experienced and many people receive examination and insights on how to live a healthier life. To be able to come on individual needs straight, different possibilities of treatment are offered. The kind of the treatment, number and position of the points are directed individually after intention and need of the person to be treated. Kambo can be applied once or repeated in different frequency. Several treatments on one day or in next ones possibly. For people who take Kambo for the first time, a test point is used to ensure compatibility and a basic treatment with a lower dose is recommended to allow body and mind to become familiar with this kind of treatment.


Because of the 8 hours fasting bevor taking Kambo it is easy to start a session the former or later morning.



Kambo is not to be applied on people with

  • serious heart problems and/or a bypass (excluded Stents and arrhythmia),

  • Medication to suppress the immune system or for low blood pressure,

  • suffering from Morbus Addison,

  • who had a stroke,

  • with Brain haemorrhages, Hematomas, thrombosis or blood clot (have or had),

  • who are not able to understand completely which process they go through with Kambo,

  • with serious mental health discomfort (with the exception of light depression),

  • treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy (four weeks before and four weeks after),

  • who are in an advanced stage of a serious illness,

  • who are in extremely weak constitution,

  • who are pregnant or could be,

  • who are breastfeeding mothers (up to the 6th month after giving birth),

  • who are under are 18 years old  (not a contraindication but a IAKP rule)

Special attention:

People with asthma must have their inhaler, diabetics their insulin, test strips and extra food. Other than the above mentioned health issues and medication is not a problem, but must be declared when registering for the Kambo session and previously discussed.. Also applies to natural medications or supplements.



Phyllomedusa Bicolor, Kambo frog or in the Amazon also called “Doctorsito”, little doctor, - his spirit is the real protagonist of every Kambo ceremony. The potential and power of its medicine are the leading force when taking Kambo.

The Kambo served comes from the Matse tribes in Peru, supervised and distributed by the IAKP.

Andrea opens and holds the sacred space needed for the ceremonial work with Kambo. She is filled with great love, respect and gratitude to be able to receive, carry and offer the gift of this ancestral medicine. To be trained  by one of the worldwide most experienced, talented and engaged modern Kambo users Karen Uma Kanya Dark (founder of IAKP)gives her a firm and save base to practice Kambo all over the world. 

Her wide experience and  profound interest in life on this earth are combined with her ability to see and feel with the heart. Since her childhood she is guided by her visions and has developed the power of her consciousness and intuition. In shamanic cosmology she found her soul home. She has travelled many countries, received initiations in various indigen traditions, rituals and shamanic singing and completed four visions quests and diferent amazonic diets. Speaking five languages fluently allows her to serve in German, Spanish, English, Italian and French.

And she is mother of two grown up beautifull beings.



— Estefania

I definitely felt a positive change from the next day to the session, a perfect balance on the one hand an injection of energy, and on the other hand the feeling in complete tranquility and harmony! Physically you detoxify but also my patience increased and my mood is more cheerful!
Many thanks Andrea for this experience, I hope you soon return I would love another session!